Handmade Luxury Garments

Welcome to Mimoza Luxury!
I'm a professional dressmaker and my mom is a master in knitting. We combined our skills to create these unique dresses, that customers love. We are proud ourselves with the unique design dress that we created, and we were first on the market to introduce a handmade dress with a hand knitted top and tulle skirt, that's why the comfort and the quality that we provide is like no others. Our signature dress pattern that we designed to perfection is created to provide the maximum comfort and great fit for each one of our lovely customers. Since I've seen many vendors that are trying to copy our designs, I must say that they are far away from the quality that we provide. We believe that when something is made with love to perfection, people can feel it and appreciate it. As a small run family business, every customer is very important for us and we always try to make our customers happy and satisfied with our hand made garments. Your order is not just supporting a business, but a family.
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Your sincerely,
Mimoza Luxury